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    Plumbers In Manlius, NY

    Country Gentlemen Plumbing is proud to be nearing 50 years of exceptional service to our friends and neighbors in Manlius and the surrounding communities. Our locally owned and operated business has grown with the community and is thankful for each customer who has placed their faith and plumbing system in our hands over the years. While the industry has seen many changes, our pledge to customers still stands. We deliver the highest quality plumbing services, straightforward evaluations and service recommendations, and free estimates on each project. Please call us at (315) 638-7955 for all your plumbing needs, including:

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    Safe Drain Cleaning

    When you have a drain that is clearing slowly or is filling the room with a sour odor, the expert at Country Gentlemen Plumbing offers a drain-safe cleaning process. We use nothing but pure water to blast away clogs and the greasy residue that creates pungent odors. Once the cleaning process is completed, we inspect the drains using a tiny camera to ensure that the foul smell and clogs are eliminated.

    Complete Water Heater Services

    Your entire house relies on a single water heater to provide hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. So when that unit lets you down, you need the expert services of the Country Gentlemen Plumbing pros to restore your hot water quickly. Our pros repair and service conventional tank-style water heaters and tankless units that operate with gas or electricity. We also offer outstanding prices on a new water heater installation if yours does not meet your needs or is past its prime and ready to be retired.

    Commercial Plumbing Experts

    With over four decades in the industry, Country Gentlemen Plumbing has the experience and expertise you want when there is a plumbing issue at your commercial property. As business owners ourselves, we understand that fast and responsive service is essential when a leak or flood threatens to shut down your business’s function. Our pros will locate the problem and provide you with affordable long-term solutions to keep your facility open and your business productive.

    Critical Sump Pump Services

    Your home’s sump pump is often all that stands between Mother Nature and a flood in your basement. And while it does the job well most of the time, it might need a little help from the experts at Country Gentlemen Plumbing to keep up with this monumental task. Our licensed plumbers provide the service, repairs, and sump pump installations needed to keep rain and melting snow from damaging your home and belongings.

    Professional Gas Line Service

    The gas lines in your home provide a valuable service. However, they can wear out or become damaged. And when that happens, your loved ones and home are at risk. Even a small gas line leak can create severe health issues and significantly increase the potential of a fire or explosion. When you suspect a gas leak in your home, please evacuate immediately and call 911. When safely away from the house, contact Country Gentlemen Plumbing at (315) 638-7955 for a gas line inspection, repair, or gas line replacement to restore the safety of your home.