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    Plumbers In Marcellus, NY

    With over 45 years of exceptional service to the Marcellus community, Country Gentlemen Plumbing has become the trusted resource for top-quality plumbing services at fair and reasonable prices. The values that formed this company many decades ago still add value and confidence when customers face a water leak, drain clog, or need to make a sizable investment in their home’s plumbing system. Call (315) 638-7955 today for a free estimate for the industry’s most professional and straightforward plumbing service.

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    Professional Drain Cleaning

    When you have a clogged drain, there is no time to waste looking for a plumber you can trust to do the job safely and correctly. Instead, you need to be able to make a call for help with confidence and know that the Country Gentlemen Plumber professionals will eliminate the clog and your concern about a flood and costly water damage. These licensed plumbers use a powerful jet of water to wash away clogs and sticky residue that will create future clogs and trouble without damaging drain lines.

    Expert Care For Your Water Heater

    The water heater in your home will provide reliable service for 10 to 12 years as long as it gets a little TLC each year from the experts at Country Gentlemen Plumbing. Draining and flushing the holding tank of an electric or gas traditional water heater is a must. And tankless units require decalcification and calibration regularly to remain in service for a few decades. The pros at Country Gentlemen Plumbing offer these services as well as fully warrantied repairs and water heater installations at great prices.

    Commercial Plumbing In Marcellus

    The amount of money you invest in professional plumbing maintenance and service from Country Gentlemen Plumbing is small compared to the cost of a significant repair or replacement. Our pros have decades of experience in all phases of commercial plumbing maintenance, installations, and repairs to keep your property functioning and on budget for the year.

    Your Resource For Sump Pump Solutions

    The sump pump in your home’s basement is vital to keep moisture and water from damaging the structure of your home and its contents. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t notice an issue until water begins to flood their homes. The simple way to avoid this costly mistake is a call to Country Gentlemen Plumbing for sump pump service. Our pros will test the pump and provide any necessary repairs or a replacement if your sump pump is not up to the challenge of protecting your home.

    Crucial Gas Line Services

    Only the licensed plumbers at Country Gentlemen Plumbing should be entrusted with installing, servicing, or repairing the gas lines in your Marcellus home. Even a tiny leak or defect in the line could result in a life-threatening fire, explosion, or severe health risk from exposure to gas-laden air. So if you smell rotten eggs in your home, evacuate immediately and call 911 to report a possible gas leak. Then call (315) 638-7955 for fast and dependable gas line service from the seasoned professionals you can count on at Country Gentlemen Plumbing. Our pros will locate any issue and quickly restore the safety of your home.