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    Since 1974, the licensed plumbers at Country Gentlemen Plumbing have been providing their professional services when community members of Skaneateles, NY, need them the most. Few household issues are as upsetting and potentially costly to repair as water damage or a flood of raw sewage. However, the skill, dedication, and high-quality workmanship of the Country Gentlemen Plumbing team have helped thousands of residents move past these challenging events with cost-effective and reliable solutions. Call (315) 640-3987 today for a free estimate for any plumbing services, including:

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    Expert Drain Cleaning

    Most drain clogs grow over time and provide several hints that trouble is brewing in your home’s drain lines. From a drain that is slow to clear to one that is emanating a pungent or sour odor, these hints are a reminder to call (315) 640-3987 for professional drain cleaning from the Country Gentlemen Plumbing team. Using only a jet of pure water, the clogs and nasty residue will be washed away without harming the drain lines in your home. And there are never caustic chemical fumes that linger for days after other cleaning processes.

    Water Heater Solutions

    No other piece of equipment in your home delivers the pleasantly warm water you enjoy during each shower or put to work to tackle that sink full of dirty dishes. So when you discover an issue with your water heater, you want a fast and affordable solution. That is exactly what the straightforward team at Country Gentlemen Plumbing provides when you call (315) 640-3987. And every repair or new installation is backed by a complete parts and labor warranty.

    Your Partner For Expert Commercial Plumbing

    Your commercial property’s plumbing system is as unique as your business. So when you discover a problem or need professional maintenance, the Country Gentlemen Plumbing’s nearly five decades of experience in the industry is precisely what your property deserves. We offer complete repair services for water heaters, drain and sewer lines, gas lines, sump pumps, and all your industry or business-specific plumbing fixtures and features. Call us today at (315) 640-3987 to learn more about our team and exceptional experience.

    Your Sump Pump Experts

    While a sump pump appears to be a straightforward device, it provides an unequaled service when the rain begins to fall or the snow finally melts in the spring. However, if that pump has not been adequately maintained or is past its prime, it might let you down when you need it the most. However, the team at Country Gentlemen Plumbing will never let you down when you call (315) 640-3987 for a sump pump repair or installation.

    Safe Gas Line Service

    The safety of your loved ones and home relies on the professional installation, repairs, and service of your home’s gas lines. At Country Gentleman Plumbing, we take that responsibility very seriously. Our seasoned experts deliver the highest quality gas line services backed by a full warranty to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from gas line leaks and the potential health and safety hazards they represent. Call (315) 640-3987 for expert gas line services backed by over four decades in the plumbing business.