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    How Winter Weather Can Make a Leak Worse

    How Winter Weather Makes Water Leaks Worse and What to Do to Rectify the Problem

    Water leaks are problematic as they are responsible for property damage and higher utility bills. When leaks are allowed to persist for an extended period, they can undermine the integrity of your home’s structure. Water leaks are also responsible for black mold and electrical problems as sometimes the water can affect your home’s wiring. Leaks also lead to wasted water, and this increases utility bills by hundreds of dollars depending on the severity of the leak. Add winter weather into the mix, and water leaks are even riskier.

    How Winter Weather Makes Water Leaks Worse

    Depending on where the water leak is located, your pipes are at risk of freezing faster and bursting. If water is leaking and pooling around your pipes and your pipes are in a location that makes them more vulnerable, such as the garage, basement, or crawl space, they are at risk of freezing faster and bursting. If your pipes burst, you have an even greater problem on your hands as now you must potentially spend thousands of dollars to fix your plumbing and any property damage that may be present because of the flood.

    Leaking Water Heaters

    During the winter, your water heater must work harder because the water temperature drops approximately 25 degrees. Because of the drop in water temperature, your water heater must work double time. If your water heater is leaking, it becomes more vulnerable, and this can potentially lead to your water heater malfunctioning or even bursting.

    What to Do

    Fortunately, you can prevent water leaks from ruining your plumbing and your home. Before winter really hits, contact a plumber to provide leak detection services. When you hire a plumber to perform leak detection, he or she will use specialized equipment to detect leaks so they can be fixed before they pose major problems. Leak detection services are essential as not all leaks are visible; they can sometimes occur inside walls and ceilings, as well as under your home’s foundation. When leaks are spotted, the plumber will advise you on how they can be fixed, and he or she will work with you to craft an affordable solution.

    Winter is fast approaching, and you do not have much time to prepare. To give you peace of mind, licensed plumbers will thoroughly inspect your home to make sure your plumbing is free of leaks. If you are a resident of Syracuse, NY or surrounding areas, contact Country Gentlemen Plumbing for various plumbing services, including inspections, drain cleaning, and water heater repair and installation.

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