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    Why Your Gas Line Needs Regular Maintenance

    Even if you put off getting other components of your HVAC system maintained, it’s a mistake to neglect your gas line. A plumbing pipe or heater that leaks water is bad enough, but a gas line, as its name says, leaks gas. A leak can cause carbon monoxide to infiltrate your home. In high enough concentrations, carbon monoxide can kill. A fire caused by a gas leak is equally dangerous. Here are some things to know about gas line maintenance.

    Gas Line Maintenance Is Performed by Plumbers

    Though gas-powered appliances, such as your furnace or boiler, are part of your HVAC system, gas line maintenance is often performed by plumbers. This is logical when you consider that both water and gas are delivered by pipes, connections and valves that are similar or even made out of the same material.

    Signs Your Gas Line Needs Maintenance or Repair

    If you notice signs that there’s something wrong with your gas line, you need to have it checked immediately. Here are some indications that all’s not well with your gas line:

    • Rotten egg smell
    • Corroded pipes
    • Hissing from the walls
    • Members of household feeling fatigued or lethargic
    • Plants dying inexplicably near underground gas lines

    Another thing to watch for is any new construction that you’ve done on your properly. New structures can inadvertently damage gas lines. Gas lines can also develop kinks that stop the gas from flowing properly. A kink may have occurred if your gas-powered appliances stop working or take longer to work.

    What We Look for During Gas Line Maintenance Services

    A plumber will check that your gas lines are free of corrosion or rust. Sometimes gas pipes even have water in them. This is a risk with underground pipes. When water gets into them, they can suffer from rust and corrosion. This rust can flake off and actually block the pipe. Like water pipes, gas lines can also be blocked with tree roots and debris. Our plumbers will clean these out. They will check the valves and the connections.

    If your home uses copper pipes for gas lines, our plumbers will replace them. Copper pipes are not good for gas, because they create compounds that clog the pipes. They also conduct electricity, which is not ideal if they are also used to conduct gas.

    Call Country Gentleman Plumbing

    Found in an area of New York full of trees, lakes, rivers and hills, Syracuse is a wonderful place to live. Our plumbers have been proud to serve its residents since 1974. Our licensed plumbers not only maintain gas lines but they repipe plumbing systems, service sump pumps, water heaters, sewer lines and water treatment systems among other services. We welcome commercial as well as residential customers.

    Reach out to Country Gentleman Plumbing for gas line maintenance services today.

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